Posted by: themindfactory | February 2, 2008

The Mind Factory starts to offer large format printing

Today The Mind Factory INC starts to offer large format printing. With the acquisition of two new printers TMF can offer banner printing from 10′ wide to 250′ in length, all in vibrant 600DPI full color. Banner printing is accomplished on what is called a reel to reel printer, that is to say the material being printed on comes off one reel, runs through the printer, and is wound completed onto a final reel.

The second printer allows for a flat sheet of material to be directly printed on, upto 4′ x 8′. Material range from wood, plastic, and glass.

Examples of what can be done can be seen below.

Posted by: themindfactory | February 1, 2008

GPS Audio Tour device nears completion

GPS Audio TourThe Mind Factory INC over the last 2 years has embarked to develop a rugged GPS location aware digital audio player. Such hardware can be used in the tourism sector, to allow visitors to gain self quided audio tours without the need of a live guide. The device is worn much like a necklace, and a pair of earphones are used to hear the audio tour. You can find out more at